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but >> there are reports that colonels could soon be carries the bizarre incident in a downtown san francisco hotel that ended with the game show host alex trebek on crutches. acus american brought down by an act of violence. we begin with the server --the story of survival in a and11 year-old girl tells us how she was struck by a bullet while in her bedroom. >> two men arrested with the shooting of an 11 year-
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old girl will not be charged today the san francisco district attorney's office evidence to charge of lazarus thomas or shannon mitchell. an 11 year old girl was struck by a stray bullet and take into the hospital with life- threatening injuries. today the little girl talk with us. you talk with her nicole? >> i talked with a 11 year- old linda and her father who are very upset tonight they're both upset a plea for justice because they're pretty upset that both of the people arrested have now been released. they do not think that this is fair. i talked with her father what he was on a break from work tonight he says that he is incredibly grateful that linda is still alive. the bullet that struck her was about 1 in. away from her heart here is more of what he had to say. >> i cannot believe it this is somebody or something
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happened to her, shot her, and i got so crazy and i panicked. my wife she panicked and was crying. believe it or not i am just glad my daughter is fine, but on the other side i am not happy because they say it is not enough evidence to take the bad guys. i believe this is not fair. i do not like it because my daughter now she is not ok. >> i also spoke with linda who was recovering tonight in her bed. she is still in a lot pain and she seemed very upset. we will show more from her coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m.. >> there is big news on the sports front for the giants, breaking news. carlos be ltram has accepted a trade agreement. he was traded for a minor league pitching prospect. j.r. stone has
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been talking giants all day and he has with the fans have to say. >> this giants fan although a bit tipsy is our for the addition of carlos. something that insiders say is a done deal. >> we need him, we need him so bad, bring him on. >> the san francisco giants had a magical kind of season last year when it won the pennant. there are currently in first place in the nl west, but they lack hitters. when it comes to total runs, there are 28 out 30 teams. becomes two home runs, the giants are the bottom of the list. >> i believe it is something that we have to do since buster posey is out for the rest of the season. >> the giants' offense obviously needed some help. >> i think it is keeping them away from the phillies and the braves. >> the reports say that they're giving up zak
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wheeler, the 21 year-old minor leaguer who throws a 97 mi. per hour fastball. will tran has already hit 15 home runs this year more than any current giants player. >> to go there and see more fireworks and hitting and and it really makes the game more exciting. i'm not saying that i do not like our pitching. >> report said that carlos took out his former mets teammates on tuesday evening many believe it was a farewell dinner in route to san francisco. reporting in the city, j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> for our expert analysis our sports a director gary is here to talk about this. >> in the middle of that did you fill little silly while you in j.r. stone or hogging all my stuff. [laughter] >> we saved the best for last. your analysis?
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>> my analysis, the guy is good. i am talking about they are stone. he is 6 ft. 5. the roll the tape again, as j.r. stone reported earlier and pam reported and i am now reporting exclusively live. beltron is coming to the san francisco giant so join him in philadelphia tomorrow night. the funny part, you listen to the game tonight and the announcer said hopefully this deal work out of course the announcers paid by the giants of the ones that should he pass the physical and all that stuff. let me throw out a graphic that actually pam and j.r. stone did not have. you guys just talked, i researched, will actually jason did it and i am reading it. but this is where he ran up against all the giants. >> the guy is good, he is
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an all-star, and again, i did not mean to taken so seriously, but what if i came in and pam, tonight if there was a switch problem and i said hello i am a-- gary and there's this to its problem and rob fladeboe is on the scene. what would you say? nothing? >> i would say they save the best for last. >> my feelings are hurt. >> we will hear more from you, you have a whole segment that is just for you. >> without the two of you involved? >> yes. meantime, the oakland a's have had a terrible attended to record this season we take look at what they're trying to do to fill the seats. >> the oakland a's have the second to last intended to record in the m l b. a giants averaged 41,000 per game. this is what the parking lot look like an
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hour and a half before wednesday night game. the a's are underperforming, and they're down to the truly die hard. >> it is kind of lonely be in an a's fan these days. but we are here to support teams and we are a few but we are really dedicated and try to get out as much as we can. we still put forth an effort to root for the team. >> the gates opened at 5:30 p.m. it is an hour before game time and there's hardly anyone here. i talk with a couple of fans and ask them what they could do to fill the seat? >> win win win. >> if you keep some of the star players and not trade off so fast. keep the stars around in them will get more fans like we used to have. >> they have several promotions to get the seats filled, $1 hot dogs on wednesdays, fireworks and jerseys giveaways. to be fit
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this is what the parking lot look like after the game got started but as you can see it looked full because half of it is blocked off. >> a look at our extended forecast, warmer weather for the next couple of days not to stifling. i will have details coming up in just a bit. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks.
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would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> police have arrested a woman who they say burglarize the hotel room of a tv host alex trebek what he and a companion were sleeping. >> how did jeopardy host alex trebek hurt his leg in wind up on crutches, well that is the answer. it happened tuesday morning where he was sleeping his room and someone came in in the middle of the night and started stealing purses, wallets and cash. he chased
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them, and his companion, security he ended up hurting himself. this is the suspect, that has been arrested for suspicion of burglary and receiving stolen property. at this point no one seems to know how she got inside the hotel room. officials at the marriott say that she was not a guest nor was she an employee or former employees. hotel officials say they take this very seriously since the safety of their guest is a top priority this city are continuously reviewing security measures. >> kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. >> he and his wife and kids out here trying to help people in something like this had to happen. >> a family of goods americans victims of a drive-by shooting in an east bay city coming up. >> san francisco police are using cellphone video to
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find a man that deep and another man in a hate crime during gay pride week in. how have the details on this attack coming up. >> there is no slack for people that are having issues with the clipper card. one passenger said she had a ticket even though she that proves that she put funds on her part. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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>> and oakland, the city and its residents are dealing with a chronic problem, pot holes. 61
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percent of all city streets and need some type of repairs. last year there were 155 claims that is up from 140 the year before. all this is costing the city money. last fiscal year they spent $125,000 to an with lawsuits and claims. with no money in the budget, city officials say the problem will not be resolved anytime soon. >> in san jose activists are demanding action in the alliance of four california community empowerment gathered bags of trash from this foreclosed home from wells fargo bank. they delivered the trash to a nearby wells fargo branch. the activists say the tract, graffiti and vandalism and other blight on homes like this and others like it are hurting the property values of other homes in those neighborhoods. >> in fairfield you can see the damage left behind for
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that six alarm fire that broke out in the storage yard of the plastics company on tuesday. plastic burns extremely high you can see in this video how the heat from the fire caused this metal fins to wilt. many of the estimated 15 to 30,000 been stored in this lot returned into ashes. others were leaving behind a big mess. >> this past weekend drivers on highway 101 in more than we're giving a shock. early sunday morning someone reprogram an electronic sign in front of the marin civic center to display profanity. >> normally drivers cruising along the 101 by the marin county civic center c updates on future concerts' any event on this side. early sunday morning they broke through this her door and went inside and hacked the computer and change the events of message to profanity. they wrote
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something that i cannot repeat on television. >> i thought someone in marin county has too much time on their hands. >> jim farley is the director and he says the profanity was up about half an hour before workers were able to turn it off. >> we got it up and working monday morning the sign is that an order and we are going to repair the door to mark. >> he says that it will update their security to keep this from happening again. the shift to permit came out to investigate the no word if anything has been made. earlier this month, someone reprogramming sign on highway one changing it from a ramp closured morning to something more ominous. but for people like jim were left clean up the mess, the joke was not very funny. >> i think vandalism is vandalism regardless of the message. i think it is deplorable. >> this just in, a san francisco judge has issued a tennessee ruling on the much
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debated male circumcision is issued. today a judge tentatively ruled that a proposed ballot measure that would make circumcision a criminal offense will not be--should not be on at the november ballot he says there is a conflict about medical procedures. thursday morning could finalize this ruling. >> it was a really nice day out there today, look at our high temperatures there were pretty warm for our inland valleys. also, it was warmer down in the south bay. '70s and '80s for our bayshores. a little cooler closer to the coastline. now we will have fog close to the coastline. 61 degrees and there, 62 in oakland and mild in the south bay and the inland valleys. as we
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head into tomorrow, here is what you can expect. patchy fog tomorrow morning. the fog will clear by the afternoon. temperatures will be a little warmer than what we saw today i will tell you how long that will last coming. >> just five days to go before the national debt deadline and still no agreement in washington. democrats are promising to vote down a republican proposal in the senate. house republicans are declaring the they will never except the democratic plan. in the meantime, as the clock ticked down, americans' opinions of elected officials have hit an all-time low. >> it is not took one of the scary it, but is heading in that direction. >> the new mexico democrat was talking about the debt. but he could been talking about the latest polls. never before has congress been held in such contempt by voters. just 6 percent of americans believe their representatives are doing a
8:20 pm
good job. 61 percent say that they're doing a poor job. 46 percent say that they believe most members of congress are corrupt. 85 percent say that members of congress are more interested in helping their own careers than in helping other people. >> we have this horrible economy and then you let the debt ceiling caved in what are they thinking? >> forget about the recession to go into a serious depression and that is scary. >> 121 w. bush was president the congress voted to raise the debt ceiling several times and on every occasion many of the gop leaders that are in place today voted yes. now the showdown has stretched the capital to its extreme. the party conservatives rallied today to repeat their message no tax hikes, no compromise. >> we have to hold the line and stand strong. >> this economists is that the forecasts of an economic
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armageddon are overblown. >> the u.s. government has adequate resources to pay the interest on their debt and avoid a default. that would turn this into more like a government shutdown. >> high tech meets hollywood, the youtube movie life in the day that was made complete from regular people who shot and a loaded videos from youtube is hitting theaters this week. i am gabe slate in would you a sneak peek coming up and my tech report. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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>> this youtube movie is hitting theaters this friday. this massive project is something that is never been done before it could not been done before now technology has allowed this. sites like you to have changed our world and hollywood is using that to their advantage. this is a real hollywood movie that is created by only you to look videos featuring regular people. they asked anyone with the ability to shoot and up load videos on youtube to shoot something on july 24, 2010. the only rule was that it had to be
8:25 pm
shot on that day. this movie is ready for its debut on the big screen. over 80,000 videos were sent in, over 45 on hours of footage for the filmmakers to go through. they have it down to a 90 minute documentary on what a day in the world is like. there are amazing and inspiring stories as well this sad and dramatic stories. you get a unique look at other cultures. it can serve as a time capsule for future generations. i got to see a sneak peek i know is how boring and will be comprised of complete the youtube video the way that they edited it and how they did the music was good. here is what the director kevin mcdonald and and joe walker had to say about making the movie. >> after a day of rolling through like 200 clinics you feels like the lack a therapist might feel at the end of the day when people have been sort of, you know
8:26 pm
just gorging in less strong feelings of personal information and your left exhausted. >> to your ordinary people express those very basic emotions and ideas, it is really powerful and very direct. >> for more information log on to and look for my tech page. >> he is a very good man very church going man, very good. how many men do you know would be out here at 12:30 p.m. try to feed people that are hungry? >> a good samaritan and shot while trying to help feed the homeless has that story after the break. [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from your tv service
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in residential television service satisfaction by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. >> and 11 year-old girl shot by a stray bullet in san francisco now no charges will be filed against the two men that are being held in the case. prosecutors say that there was insufficient evidence the 1920 roe were arrested after the shooting friday. police believe a gain related argument erupted into gunfire right outside of the young girl's apartment where she was hit.
8:30 pm
jeopardy host alex trebek is recovering after chasing down a burger and a set francisco hotel. heat apparently woke up and saw the suspect leaving that is when he took off after the 56 year old woman. while he was chasing her he snapped his achilles' tendon. the caught the burger and recovered the stolen items despite the entry he still managed to host the national geographic world championship today. carlos could be sliding into home plate in san francisco, the outfielder for the new york mets has been traded to the giants. all that is needed is his approval of the deal. gary will have more coming up and sports. >> an act of kindness comes to a horrible end, a father, husband and minister shot in the head and now in grave condition. we explain what happened and talk with those who know him in the community. >> he is a very good man, very churchgoing man, his wife very nice, how many men
8:31 pm
you know will be out here at night 12:30 p.m. try to feed people hungry. >> the victim was trying to feed people were homeless, his wife and two young children were with him at the time that the police say that someone drove up and opened fire it happened near the intersection of 42nd avenue and san leandro street around 12:30 p.m. in oakland. people in the neighborhood express their emotions and said this about this incident. >> he was a very good man. >> a good samaritan known as brother john and his family were the victims of a violent drive-by shooting while feeding the homeless here on 47th avenue it is hard to believe for people in this community. >> it is very very unfortunate that someone was compassionate understanding and has a big heart should have something like this happen to him. >> he drives around this neighborhood in other neighborhoods all night giving out food to homeless people. >> there are not too many
8:32 pm
good people out here is sad. i hope they clean up the neighborhood is ready sad. >> bill holloway says that many of the homeless in the area depend on charity from brother john with his family passes out free meals on a regular basis. >> 8 without him, a lot of people will not be eating out here. >> they say that john suffered life-threatening injuries his wife and one of his small children who were also injured suffered non life-threatening injuries. >> new details and san francisco the brother of a man that was killed and officer involved shooting has been arrested in connection with a murder in seattle. police say that andre hardingl is the suspect. he is the brother of the young man who died after being shot at by
8:33 pm
police. now this is his picture san francisco police say that jonathan walker shot and killed a man back in january on kirkwood ave. one other person was injured in that shooting investigators also say that this suspect is wanted in connection with the two vallejo murders. he was arrested in oregon and is now awaiting extradition to san francisco. cellphone video capture a man being beaten. this is what police call a hate crime they're working to identify the men who were assaulting the victim. we have details on this attack. >> san francisco police are using this cellphone video to track down suspects and a hate crime beating that happen on june 26th. it was submitted by an outside party to the police but as you could see the victim, this man who was naked with a towel being pushed around and being beaten by at least
8:34 pm
three suspects. this man in a white shirt clenches his fist and waits for an opportunity to go in and brutally punched the victim. this attack started when he was inside of a portable less room that was being tipped over. the victim does says he does not want to be identified says that he cannot bear to watch the video. >> i said are you from here? we do not do this, this is not cool. i even sent you go that way and i will go this way if you just chill out? the next thing i know i just woke ups and i was on the pavement and there was a man talking to me asking me my name. >> these are still images capt. from a cellphone video this is the main suspect that the police are seeking in the hate crime. the hope that anyone with information on this attack will come forward. >> police said the number of hate crimes during the san francisco pride we can increase this year.
8:35 pm
police say that three of the cases this year were hate crimes. >> the warming trend continues into tomorrow here's a look at a few cities around the bay area. it is still pretty comfortable on saturday, san jose a little bit warmer in the upper 80s the same thing on friday. tomorrow afternoon it will cool down to the upper 60s for friday and saturday. take a little more temperatures around the bay area starting in the south bay. more 90 degree readings up in the inland valleys as well. a lot more comfortable for these
8:36 pm
bayshores tomorrow '70's and low eighties for the most part. >> we will see sun tomorrow along the coastline. i will have your extended forecast coming up. >> caltrans passengers have issues with there clipper card they will not be a slack they get called on the train. we explain how one passenger that a fine even though she put money on her car. >> this is tiffany myers who has been using her card to board the caltrans for the past three years but she recently got a $395 ticket for not having a valid fear even though she says that she put money on the card. >> i pulled my bank statement, my receipt and nothing they did not care about anything. >> she had two options get off the train or get a citation but she did not want to be late to work and san francisco. they say
8:37 pm
45,000 people ride the train every day and 75 percent use this card. conductors were told there were no exceptions. >> you have the funds on your card but existed not go through. >> right, so the ticket imi bank in everything and on a winner was like it was lost in limbo and i was so mad. >> i said what happens if card reader was not working and they said the passenger has to notify the conductor where they got on and where the card reader was not working. the bottom line if you cannot cut the car, it is not a valid fair. >> you do not need a card to bike to work, you have to see this video disguise basically stealing a bike outside of the wcc office building in san francisco he is cutting the cable and he is fumbling with the petals, he stumbles and then
8:38 pm
once he gets his footing, watch this woman right there she basically tackles this guy. she saw the thief stealing the bike. you can see him gathering his belongings and getting out of there. i will slow this down and play it for you. if this guy did have trouble with the bike right there, he would probably get away. he has trouble and then the woman saw him from the inside and looks like she is divers on the bike in basically tackles the guy. there's another man with that woman. the would-be bike thief is just kind of gathering his belongings and getting out of there. he is not, but he also did not get away with the stolen bike. if you want to see it again i have posted the video on our kron4 facebook page. go ahead and check out in while your there, click like us. >> coming up, parking lots that may end up costing you double because of people behaving badly after the break.
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>> this sign reads warning, paid meter only. or this one says remember your stall number and pay machine in big bold letters. for several years, con artists have exploited a flaw in the parking system around the san francisco bay. they pretend to the parking attendant and asked the unsuspecting driver usually a tourist to pay for parking however, as soon as they get your money the fate attended splits and then he returned to your car only to find a ticket. many people are getting caught up in this including a former san francisco mayor who stopped here for lunch paid the parking attendant only to find out that the attendant was a fake the parking ticket that he received was not. one man was arrested 14
8:42 pm
separate times for the same offense, but he keeps coming back. this is a story that i will be following very closely when i catch one in the act and i will, you will be the first to see it. >> if you have a comment, or story idea for stanley e- mail us at people behaving badly at that gary is that a more on the the giants trade. there are giants in phillies highlight all coming up.
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>> could evening, one of the best available talents on the trade market is not a giant. carlos baltran goes to the new york mets for the minor league pitcher zack wheeler. and the deal is that the mets will cover most of the money he will make about seven-6-million dollars. you see him in center field and he will pray--play right field. now only poppel has a higher team average he will rank first in all of these. look for him to maun i with the giants and philadelphia. after barry's the goldeye kicked around last night,
8:46 pm
the giants and strike first. bottom-line you know happened these guys will me in the postseason again. and then date, he just may be will be the odd man out when baltran shows up. now the phillies come back, it is two to one. brian wilson and his beard come on, his 32nd save. they will play another game tomorrow night in philadelphia. the a's are getting off big time the could this tonight, the oakland a's right now are leading tampa bay 11 to 0 in the fifth inning. we had a
8:47 pm
no-hitter, this is a no- hitter from young santana the los angeles angels of anaheim. the first no-hitter in almost 27 years. there is, i do not know, you watch a no-hitter and then you say but they scored a run, maybe not quite a special but it goes in the record books for santana. among the 49ers have made it official. ray macdonald the word is that he has signed tonight. frank for is the guy you have to keep your eye on, his agent has asked that he not go to camp, he told and told out. he is coming off of a broken hip and he was sidelined for the majority of last season. there is a school of thought, you have been injured come back and show your stuff but his agent knowing that this is lester and the contract says do not risk it, let us give some
8:48 pm
money before you step on the field. it will be interesting to see how long his holdout will last. they went from a lockout to a holdout and this guy says goodbye he is 9 san diego chargers the former 49er defenses coordinator has the same job in san diego and he said come with us. now one more piece of business david carr has been released from the san francisco 49ers he is a backup quarterback, along with nate clemens. everyone says hawaiian not nomni from cal. they did not even through to his side of the field. the 49ers with some of their cups today have firmed up room for him to become a 49er if he
8:49 pm
indeed wants to. the new york jets are also interested. what is up with the raiders? >> with out fan favorite who is headed to the bingles bruce rakowski, without bruce, headed to the seahawks 15 days before their preseason game they open their doors to training camp in napa. they will hit the ground running on this field my afternoon and they can come close to matching the energy of their head coach hugh jackson, look out. >> let me tell all of you something right now i am not changing now pushed the defense, the office, i will push the special teams. i will push our coaches and our fans, i will push you. here's the deal, we are going to create something that is great. >> he says he contacted the biggest free agent named out their defensive back nomni
8:50 pm
gave his best sales pitch to return to the team he is not conceding anything until the free agent. his official on friday. >> and vernon with that shirt are writing to a rugby game the following his report. [laughter] >> even my cassette i like vern is wearing. that is very good. now big-name quarterback on the move. matt hastleback is leaving seattle. he is night tennessee tighten. and the interesting deal here is often--is donovan make napa he did not work lacher in washington so now he goes to minnesota. remember the vikings had a good run with brett far as bringing in a veteran quarterback from the outside they will try to do it again. speaking of vern glenn, his son was a warrior basketball camp,
8:51 pm
keep your eyes open jake land, that is talent, there he is with a mohawk, taking it to the cylinder. that is his son, and larry riley comes out and addresses the camp kids ages 7 to 13. it was at redwood high school and it was nice for larry to show up but more importantly for a vern glenn to get his son jake a gland in the highlights to play with his mohawk. >> it is a family thing. >> it is and i am waiting for him to get a little nose ring. >> we do not go for that? >> to each his own. >> anyway, jake look great. >> we have newsroom we come back.
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8:53 pm
8:54 pm
and >> today sculling yard announced the arrest of a teenager accused of being the voice of a group of hackers could have taken responsibility for some recent notable website takedown. the 19 year-old was arrested in scotland today he faces charges for cyber crime, hacking and network intrusions'. in recent months, hacker's web sites in aside--identify themselves with that group belonged to many groups. now do not expect to seek the simpsons and bones the
8:55 pm
day after day year because it they say that fox is limiting the next day screaming to paying customers all others will have to wait eight days to see the shells according to the new york times, abc is trying to set up a similar system. it could take an droid tablets several years before bringing down the ipad. it will continue to dominate the growing tablet market that is expected to expand from less than 20 million units to more than 230 million in 2015. the study reports that it will take until one year later 2016 for the and droid tablets to outsell the apple ipad. >> organization that depend on charitable donations have been struggling in this economy among them the valley humane society and pleasanton, 98 percent of their money comes from tips from a commission. they're finding that it not only--it gives from the community.
8:56 pm
they're finding that not only have date received a decrease but the demand for their services have increased. >> the demand for our services have gone up because people have lost their homes, they cannot afford to pay for them and our numbers have increased quite a bit. >> it is a possibility that many of their programs will have to be cut in the staff may or have to be let go. jacqueline is back with weather. >> for the next couple days the temperatures will run above average. 86 in san jose and other tomorrow, 82 hayward couple degrees above the average temperature. now we will keep the warm weather for the next couple days and cool down slightly into the weekend temperatures will still stay near the average readings it will stay that way all the way through the
8:57 pm
extended forecast. >> hope your air- conditioner is working see tonight at 11:00 p.m.. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] call at&t today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothing. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 18, At&t 11, Oakland 5, Alex Trebek 4, New York 4, Us 4, Marin 3, Philadelphia 3, Santana 2, Gary 2, Napa 2, Hbo 2, Seattle 2, Caltrans 2, Washington 2, Baltran 1, David Carr 1, Droid 1, Mail Us 1, Imi 1
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